And coloured.

I really wish that Ganondorf would get more screentime. Not only appear in more games, but have some more screentime in the actual games to gain some character depth. Some more canon depth, which I don’t have to imagine :C 

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Sorry this is so sloppy haha. Also tumblr compression is the worst, sorry for the weird photoset, but otherwise it looks like shit. Please click on the images so you can actually read them!
based on this


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josephs n caesar

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"There’s only so much the mortal goddess and her tool can do. But I allow both of you to assist me."

(wanted to make a fake anime screenshot, but as always I’m too lazy)

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in the end I decided to make a seperate nsfw blog. I’ll still tag everything accordingly over there, so no worries if you’re gonna follow that blog and use tumblr savior. Not much on there right now, but it will eventually fill up, once I get the hang of this..

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quick doodle of the queen

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Two of my consistently neglected OCs

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Two days ago was a good day. 
I got a university place for Master courses in sociology, and even more important, Ganondorf in Hyule Warriors!!
Both means that I’ll be doing things that will be time consuming, moving to Dresden and playing the fuck out of this majestic beast and his glorious mane. If it gets quite around here (and the nsfw blog), you know why, but I try to not let this blog gather too much dust.

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My digital sketches are a mess. Told myself to make this kinda look finished before uploading but… naaah

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THIS on the other hand is perfectly acceptable

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