the scan isn’t very good I’m sorry  (here’s a photo Suzie took)
The package for suzieboozieblack finally arrived at her place, so I can post this here! Waayy back at the beginning of this year I made a little give-away, and it took me forever to draw something decent because of university. Because she had to wait for so long I decided to put some more effort into it than I had originally planned, so here we are~

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The Joseph is already some weeks old and I got around to do a quick colour palette Caesar. 

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It’s really too hot and stuffy right now, I can’t be on the PC for long without dying (and sweating all over my GT) I’m gomen

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_(:„3 」∠)_

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Does anybody know if there’s a Zelda 60 minutes challenge on twitter? If yes could you give me a link, if not would some of you be interested if I made one?

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I’ve been away for so long, but I’m back now.
I’m home.

Alternative OoT ending??? sobs

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If it's not too personal can I ask what's your occupation?

It’s ok, brah!
I’m about to get my Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, with Germanistics (edit: i mean German studies omg) as minor subject. I’ve already applied for Master courses and hope to get an internship for medical sociology soon.

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corseque replied to your post: If it’s not too personal can I ask what’s your occupation?
“Germanistics” is such a cute word, I’ve never heard it before

Goddammit my mobile internet just got good enough to look it up, it’s actuslly called German studies omg. I shouldn’t post stuff at work where I can’t really look up words, now I’m a little embarrassed ahahaha (but that’s ok)(also I like the sound of Germanistik a lot)

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There’s been so much good Ganondorf stuff going around, I can’t even keep up with it.
Since jewelry loving Ganondorf is canon, and I’m pretty certain that it’s important for Gerudo culture (showing their rank etc), so gifting the Princess of the land you’re going to some of your most treasured stuff will surely make a good impression?!

But then this happens

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Here goes nothing…
Level of Desperation: IT’S OVER 9000!


If you have some money to spend please help my friend out!! She had it really rough in the past few months, which made her goal to go there recede into the distance. I (and especially she, of course) would really appreciate if you’d take a moment and maybe donate a little <3

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